‘Zamfara No-fly-zone’ is an indication that Nigeria is at war – Iba Adams, Yoruba Leaders

‘Zamfara No-fly-zone’ is an indication that Nigeria is at war – Iba Adams, Yoruba Leaders

Zamfara Govt confirms abduction of female students…say North’s food blockage to south is a wake-up call

…. task S-West Governor on 15% budget for agriculture

By Gabriel Olawale

The Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba Land, Iba Gani Adams, Friday described the current situation of things in the country especially in Zamfara State as a sign that Nigeria is ‘at war’.

He noted that for the Federal Government to announce that certain state is a no fly zone was an indication of war.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, ahead of Yoruba Stakeholders Security meeting slated for 17th of March in Ibadan, he said that the gathering will avail them the opportunity to brainstorm on securing Yoruba land, adding that “we are trying to create different layer of security, the governmental and non-governmental.

His words: “When you have certain part of Nigeria territory that you cannot fly to for security reason is an indication of war and when the drum of war is beating, you have to prepare yourself, we are not saying we want war, but self-defense is not a crime.

“We can’t fold our arms when these criminals show more than 200 AK-47 ammunition, it is an indication of war and anybody that is telling you that no war in Nigeria is deceiving him or herself. If the federal government can announce no flying zone in Zamfara, that was a statement of war.

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“Government have created Amotekun but if the strength of Amotekun cannot compliment the security agencies of the government we are going to bring in all other relevant security groups like hunters, OPC, Vigilante, Agbekoya to back them up.”

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While calling on different stakeholders and traditional leaders to the conference, he said that the recent shoot at sight ditective by the Presidency was a welcome development.

He said: “It’s in order, any person with AK-47 in the bush should be shoot. As Herlders you can move around with cutlass in the bush because you may get to certain place and need to cut some grass. But gun without been licensed is a security threat. If you allow Herlders to carry AK-47 you have to allow our farmers to also carry AK-47 because they are both in line of the same profession which is agricultural sector.”

On the blockage of cow and other food items to South by some Northern element, Gani described the decision as unwarranted and a wake-up call even as he urged south west state governors to devote 15 percent of their budget to agriculture.

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“Ordinarily we as a Yoruba race supposed to be the one sanctioning them because when you quantify the amount they are making in Yoruba land is about N8 billion on daily basis. We have it on record that about 15,000 cow is been consumed in Lagos every day and in the whole of south west is about 25,000.

“Averagely on cow alone they realise about N6 billion. Not to talk about ram, sheep or goat and other perishable goods, definitely we are consuming nothing less than N8 billion. For them to now decide to block those goods coming to south west give us a serious concern and is a very good signal and at the same time a wake-up call to our leaders, governors and south west people as a whole.

“It’s a challenge to our governors in south west, they need to devote about 10 to 15 percent of their budget for the agricultural sector in Yoruba land. We are also encouraging individual effort to involve in small and large scale farming.

“For instance, Lagos State with over N1 trillion budget, if they inject 15 percent of that into agriculture it will go a long way in addressing food security. We know that Lagos state did not have enough land, but they can acquire land in the remaining states for the purpose. It will also help to address the issue of unemployment and insecurity to a large extent.

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Also, Afenifere’s National Publicity Secretary, Yinka Odumakin, who spoke on behalf of the socio-cultural group said that it will be insensitive on the part of federal government to be contemplating of compensating The Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria when victims of helders atrocities have not been compensated.

Odumakin said:” They thought we are going to be begging them but nobody is going to do that, food security as always been with us, they are the one threating our land that made food security a challenge for us. We are not out to fight anybody but let no body think they can intimidate us in our land, that they can make us submit to fear.”

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