More lock down (See the probability below)

Lock down

Nigeria has had lot of issues since the beginning of the nation’s lock down as a result of covid-19 and the strange effect of not discovering the vaccine.

There are probabilities that the federal Government of Nigeria are likely to extend the lock down till more 60 days. The reasons for their actions may not be far fetched.

Look at the reasons below.

Reasons Federal Government may continue Nation’s lock down

  • Firstly, to control and eventually reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The federal government of Nigeria and even government of other countries locked down in this period all to protect and prevent the continuous spread of coronavirus.

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Donald Trump was asked last week of his next action over the lock down, and the United states of America president, Donald Trump in a speech said

” I have no intention of locking down, I didn’t plan covid-19 and I am becoming tired of accommodating other country’s covid-19 patients. Though we have built over thousands of ventilators within weeks and we are fully ready for the worst.

“We shall unlock when everywhere is safe for everyone especially for the Americans”

  • secondly, to build up stocks of (PPE) 
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Do you know the meaning of PPE?

Oh, you are trying to guess the meaning. Don’t bother yourself, let me tell you in full

PPE stands for personal protective equipments. It is a personal tool for personal safety.

The reason for continuous lock down may just be to build more tools that will give us little protection when we go back to our daily Lives.

  • Finally, to get testing in place so the lockdown could be eased in a controlled manner.
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Controlling the comes as a result of testing. The government sure knows when they are doing, but we can’t be left with no money, no food, no job in this coronavirus era as federal government tend to increase the lock down in Nigeria till June

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