Meet the Fat, Bald Cat 🐈 that’s Becoming a Body Positivity icon

He’s fat and he’s glad.

A huge potbellied Sphynx feline named Amsterdam, who takes after a Buddha sculpture is stimulating armies of cat fans online with his noteworthy circumference and undeniable certainty.

The Vienna-based, bare gato grande gauges in excess of 16 pounds — and that is even without the hide.

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Amsterdam’s proprietor Jana Martinka posted a video of the 6-year-old cat sitting up like a human and gladly flaunting his moves like he’s been tuning in to body energy symbol, Lizzo.

In the video, Amsterdam is letting everything hang out close to his buddy, 3-year-old kitty, Neytiri who puts a paw on the hill of tissue. By correlation, Neytiri is out and out smooth.

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“I thought it was exceptionally clever yet in addition extremely unique for me to see them like this,” says Martinka.

Yet, Amsterdam’s posture wasn’t vanity.

“The explanation he was sitting like this is on the grounds that there is an infrared warmer on the divider and the felines love to rest there,” says Martinka.

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