Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat – Mtn FCMB Data Cheat (6GB For N350)

Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat – Mtn FCMB Data Cheat (6GB For N350)

Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat – Mtn FCMB Data Cheat (6GB For N350)

This Mtn FCMB data cheat 6GB for N350 will easy your mind as Many have been wondering about Mtn lastest free browsing cheat as purchase of Data is not always easy for most Network users in Nigeria.

Some network users go far on the internet to make use of search engine and they end up searching for these three things

What is the latest MTN cheat

What is the latest cheat on Airtel

How can I get free data in 2020.

Is that not something to pay attention to in oder to deduce why they make such searches relating to free data on the network they make use of.

Hey, last week or few days ago, Naijalitz revealed to you a trick on how to get 5gb data from mtn using simple tricks provided by Godspower, Naijalitz author.

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Naijalitz is here again to provide you the latest free browsing cheat from FCMB to MTN or we can call it free mtn data cheat for April which you and me can get 6GB data for just N350.

Seems strange right, but don’t feel it is not real.


There are several things to know about this data cheat MTN FCMB data which we will discuss about now because you have to know about it since it is important.

Note: This 6gb mtn data cheat works for only those with active FCMB bank account. This is the reason we have tagged it as “MTN FCMB Data”

Go to to open an account if you have not got one yet.

FCMB will dash you a whooping token of 1000naira for opening account with them.

You can see it in picture below as the free 1000naira is from FCMB direct.

Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat – Mtn FCMB Data Cheat (6GB For N350)

Things To Note About Mtn FCMB Data Cheat

  • You must have an Active FCMB account before you can finally have this done.
  • Money Upto N400 or N350 should be in your FCMB bank account.
  • Click now to open an FCMB instant account If you have none.
  • Don’t gather the data so that it won’t got wiped out ( all data will be gone if you do so).
  • Data is valid for  just 7days ( 6GB normally for N1,500 but will get it for N350 ).
  • That’s all for the things to note about mtn FCMB data cheat.
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Now, let’s quickly to the activation processes.

Activating your FCMB account in order to buy MTN FCMB data

Hope you are ready to rock and roll with this latest free browsing mtn cheat from Naijalitz Entertainment.

  • First Go to your phone and dial the following code *329#. Dial correctly pls.
  • Send it to using the number you used in opening your fCMB bank acount.
  • Before that, go and copy your account number I mean your FCMB account number if you have gotten one. You can forfeit copying the bank number If you have it off hand.


  • Now, Input the number at the place provided for it when dial the code.

Hope you are following and if you miss any step, kindly scroll up to remember them.

Let’s continue then.

  • Create your new  pin then send and accept you have successfully created your pin.

You are almost ready to rock and roll this MTN FCMB data cheat 6gb for just N350!

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Okay. You will need to start a fresh because what you just did is activation process.

How to buy 6GB MTN FCMB data

  • Now dial the code again (*329#) and switch to select option  Data.
  • You are taken to next page. In the next page select option for 1GB for N350.
  • Then your account will be credited with 6GB as shown below.

  • 6GB worth of data instead of 1GB.

Wonderful right!

Don’t dull yourself in this coronavirus period as we are quarantined , we should surf the internet too.

See, them dey ask me to do more oooo

Get your FCMB account and load it with N400 don’t send N350 for it might hang when doing any transactions, dial the code and subscribe to the data plan that’s all.

How to monetize FCMB mtn data cheat

It is very simple, you can do that by helping your friends and family to subscribe to This crazy FCMB data cheat using MTN network cheat.

Collect 500 naira from them and transfer 1gb data to them… You will praised like a good for certainty.

NB: This Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat – Mtn FCMB Data Cheat (6GB For N350) worked perfectly as of the last date Naijalitz Entertainment tried it which was on the 29th April, 2020.


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