As frontline health workers receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, don kicks

As frontline health workers receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, don kicks

By Gabriel Ewepu – Abuja

A Professor of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Department of Biological Sciences, Novena University Ogume, Delta State, Prof. Cyril Otoikhian, Friday, kicked, as the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses were administered on frontline health workers.

According to Otoikhian while speaking with Saturday Vanguard on the controversy surrounding the vaccine and how Nigerians are skeptical about it, alleged that the vaccine is a scam.

He explained why he alleged so and queried, “My assessment is clear and simple they are deceiving the entire populace. How can a scientist justify such claims that a disease that is unknown and there is no treatment than all of a sudden vaccine appears? It is all scam.

“The reports from some countries have also confirmed my prediction that when the vaccine comes the real virus will then be close to the people. I mean the entire human race.

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“No pharmaceutical company across the world under COVID-19 era has manufactured any vaccine, what we have is the real virus. If you want proof, tell them to give us one sample and let us go into the laboratory, and when we come out you will be shocked.

“When did a single virus started having multiple vaccines Africa different from America, Britain different from Germany? It is a show of shame that world leaders have caved into the web of virus marketing?”

He also asserted that the Federal Government’s acquiring of the vaccine is a mere waste of public funds, “Nigeria’s government acquiring the vaccine is a gross waste of funds and attempt to depopulate this part of the world. Take the vaccine and then see what virus can do to the human system.”

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He further stated that “Vaccines are the real virus. Find out all about polio vaccine in 2004 Prof Haruna of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, challenged them then the way is doing now so that they don’t take all of us as senseless and clueless.

“Vaccines are the real virus whether to take it or not your choice is as good as mine. I hate hearing the words COVID-19 vaccine what is COVID-19 and what is vaccine? Both are scam

“Haven’t you seen the advert and heard Fauchi that compromised scientist that even when you take vaccine you must use nose mask. Who are they deceiving? However, not me, I am a scientist. COVID-19 as an entity does not exist.”

On the government’s support for local manufacturing of the vaccine, he said, “Whoever is talking about manufacturing COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria is not different from a ‘yahoo scammer’.

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“Has the government or any company established the identity of COVID-19 virus? If I see any level of seriousness in the government towards that then I will know that my government is a joker and should not be taken seriously.”

On his (Otoikhian) advice to the government, “My message to government is clear from day one there is more in virus marketing than the eyes can see.

“Check and test what you are given to give to your citizens. Watch it you may have the real virus on your hands.”

He also added that “I am waiting patiently for Vanguard end-result than the fight to secure human existence and health right will begin.”

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