A Must Watch: Introducing Ohwo App, Cohbams flaunt skills on Power Bike, promises to disrupt Payment system!

We all know how unreliable regular payment systems can be, Cobhams rides to mark the end of horrible payment experiences and the birth of a revolutionized digital payment system.If you have ever had issues making payment with your card, crazy analog POS charges- don’t get me started with having to touch an un-sanitised POS with COVID infections waxing strong, you would agree that there is a need for a safe, simple, fast and secure payment system.  The Ohwo app is a recently launched digital payment solution that enables users make and receive payments instantly without any form of physical contact. See! Your fear of COVID and any other contact-based infection is already squashed. Ohwo is a fast, simple and secure way of making and receiving payments by simply scanning a QR code from the seller’s phone.  What’s there not to love about a product that allows you enjoy hassle free transactions and saves you tons of time. With instant transaction notification, very low transaction charges, Ohwo ensures all your payments are made with ease.Finally, you can do away with the analog POS and enjoy a premier contactless digital POS that takes away the need for extra hardware and enjoy seamless transactions with Ohwo on your phone.An extra perk is that a buyer using the “Ohwo Buyer App” can track their purchase history. This Ohwo app was definitely built for the Nigerian customer.  Wondering how Ohwo can help you make your business the customer’s favourite? Ohwo’s got you! As a business owner using the “Ohwo Seller App” you would not have to go through the tedious process of having your customers queue tiringly for a POS device, you get to settle your customers payments in no time. You can also call Ohwo your efficient, unpaid accountant. The Ohwo accurate book keeping/ auditing function automatically audits your business transactions. It’s time to ditch the endless pages of transaction documents. Ohwo keeps your books for you! As a business owner you can easily track all your transactions and sales with ease from within the app for FREE! I know you can’t wait to get started with the Ohwo appHere’s how the Ohwo app works:Business owner or individual, download and install the Ohwo seller and buyer app respectively and use in 4 simple steps:  Step 1: Type in the value of transactionStep 2: Generate QR code on your phoneStep 3: Customer scans codeStep 4: Receive paymentTo make payment,Step 1: Scan QR code with your phone?Step 2: Approve paymentThat’s it! You’ve either received money or sent money, easy peasy, yea?Ohwo is available for download on the Google play store and iOS storeNow you too can enjoy simple, secure and contactless transactions!  A must WATCH : https://bit.ly/3uViOTrDownload OHWO buyer app on google playstorehttps://bit.ly/3pwrZZnDownload OHWO seller app on google playstorehttps://bit.ly/3w0z72XDownload OHWO buyer app on IOS storehttps://apple.co/3gk2LJNDownload OHWO seller app on IOShttps://apple.co/3geTG4LInstagram: https://bit.ly/3uZzlpITwitter: https://bit.ly/2SgHnNtFacebook : https://bit.ly/34Y3pqUThe post A Must Watch: Introducing Ohwo App, Cohbams flaunt skills on Power Bike, promises to disrupt Payment system! appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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