Police parade pastor, 400-level student, 23 other suspects in Calabar

Ada Wodu, Calabar

The Cross River State Police direction has marched Pastor Hossana Okoi for purportedly assaulting a woman and taking steps to execute her with a firearm on the off chance that she uncovered what occurred.

Likewise marched on Thursday after he was captured with arms and armed force uniform was a 400-level understudy of Medicine and Surgery, University of Calabar, Nnamdi Kingsley Ikezue.

He admitted to being an individual from a faction and utilizing a privately made gun to secure himself.

The other twenty-three suspects were captured for different violations. Nine of them were captured for supposed theft assaults in different areas over the state.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Austin Agbonlahor, said Okoi, who guaranteed that his congregation was situated in Sierra Leone, was captured after a woman answered to the police that a minister who should petition God for her purportedly assaulted her and undermined her with a weapon, to prevent her from announcing the episode.

Okoi be that as it may, said he just took the woman, who he guaranteed was obscure to him, to a wedding and later to a drinking joint.

“I am a Nigerian however I am the Pastor of Gate of Testimony situated in Sierra Leone. I came to Nigeria and I met the woman who said she was setting off to a wedding. I didn’t recognize her in the slightest yet I offered to take her there and gave her N500 to drink water.

“Afterward, we met at a joint and we drank and that is all that occurred. I didn’t take her to anyplace and I don’t have a clue why she chosen to outline me up,” Okoi said.

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The other suspect, Nnamdi Kingsley Ikezue, the 400-level understudy of Medicine and Surgery, University of Calabar, admitted that he was a cultist and was utilizing a privately made gun to secure himself.

“I have the military uniform since I was at the Nigerian Military School, Zaria before I got entrance into the University of Calabar to study Medicine and Surgery in 2014. I’m a cultist despite everything I utilize the military uniform and my firearm which I procured to secure myself,” Ikezue said.

Agbonlahor engaged guardians to screen their youngsters, saying the police will do everything to guarantee that the general public was freed of lawbreakers.

“We will keep on guaranteeing that we take out hoodlums from society. This order has proclaimed zero-resistance for wrongdoing and since I came in, we have been doing everything to ensure that the state is without wrongdoing. I need guardians to screen their youngsters and wards so as to realize what they are doing at each point in time,” the Commissioner said.

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