Chike Ike’s mystery relationship that characterized her life

Chika Ike has not actually been publicizing her sentimental connections for the world to see yet as a goldfish in the pretend world things about her could scarcely be held hush-hush. What’s more, after her dashed marriage to Tony Eberiri for a long time, she has not been actually chaste.

Chika Ike A word let free in the grapevine has it that the entertainer dated for quite a while one certain House of Representatives part, from Anioma, who is gunning to be a congressperson. It said that the relationship was so genuine everybody imagined that Chika would join the extremely rich person’s collection of mistresses of spouses. In any case, that was not to be. As per the sources, the entertainer couldn’t envision herself being hitched to a man with numerous different spouses and accordingly didn’t move. The extremely rich person who is said to resemble a breeze underneath the entertainer’s wings, making her reality bound with clams was shattered when his engagement proposition was turned down.

that put paid to the relationship yet the on-screen character seemed to have left it with freshly discovered luxuriousness. This, as indicated by our sources, got the extremely rich person frantic and chose to hit back at the entertainer by wedding a more youthful on-screen character, who is purportedly a virgin. While Chika left with a lot of cash in the bank and a Harvard degree, the extremely rich person has additionally proceeded onward with an eighteen-year-old lady of the hour, who is likewise grinning to the bank. Far from bits of gossip and significance, Chika Ike is a consideration catcher quickly and whenever, and with such easy sincerity. During the week she turned into a topic of dialog and hero worship on the record of incapacitating two-piece pictures she posted on her Instagram page. Be that as it may, Chika’s point as it showed up would not appear to like to cause anybody to escape go however to send over a message about releasing one’s possibilities. Review she completed one serious employment on that in her book ‘Supervisor Up’ and it shows up she was just catching up with the exotic pictures. “On the off chance that roses can blossom perfectly with the thistles, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to,” she composed and offered 20 thousand naira each to five individuals who could think of what she truly implies by “Sprout”

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