Ese Walter responds to ”COZA pastor’s” current outrage

Ese Walter, the Nigerian woman who in 2013, blamed Abuja minister and originator for the Commowealth of Zion Assembly, Biodun Fatoyinbo of sexual abuse while she was an individual from the congregation, has engaged Nigerians not to drag her into the new outrage including a specific minister numerous Nigerians are stating goes to COZA.

Review that couple of days back, performer, Timi Dakolo by means of his Instagram page, blamed a Nigerian minister who he kept unknown, of explicitly abusing a portion of his female individuals. Timi in his post claimed that the minister explicitly mishandles his female individuals, leaving them rationally choked.

Numerous Nigerians expected he was alluding to colorful COZA minister, Biodun Fatoyinbo, and they got him out, making specific reference to Ese Walter’s claims numerous years back.

In a post she shared on her Facebook page this moring, Ese solicited everybody to forget her from the embarrassment. As indicated by her, she assumed the unfortunate casualty job until she turned 35. Peruse what she composed underneath

Permit me reintroduce myself…

My name is Ese Walter. FIRST of her name. I am a writer (and all round author), self educated yogi (as of now about a yoga educator’s preparation so I can show you securely) and mother (Boobbabies is the moniker for my kids, Boobman and Boobgirl)

What you have recently perused above is the thing that I am reliably making for myself at this time. I am as of now on a 90 days, propensity building, ACTION intend to turn into the most astounding articulation of myself in these jobs I play.

I am not your notice young lady for any slanting stories, I am not a casualty of anything (despite the fact that I assumed this unfortunate casualty job for a considerable length of time until 35 hit ) lastly, I am not open to your exchanges about my past. In the event that you live there, go right ahead, simply quit your endeavors to pull me alongside ya The tongue photograph is really for you

In conclusion, on the off chance that you have not mended from your agony, harming others won’t recuperate you. Trust, I know. In addition, your torment is here to educate you. It is here to draw out the flame in you. It is that flame that pushes you toward your fantasies (I am expecting you have dreams…if you don’t, ain’t no disgrace, sit with yourself and fabricate one)

This sounds like another month Motivation

Great morning from here!!!

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