Hausa man’s remarkable birthday wish to his couple

Hausa man’s remarkable birthday wish to his significant other acquires him acclaim from most and reactions from a couple

Sharing photographs of him and his significant other, Aby Rayyan stated: “Today I praise the lady who accepting me as a kid from my mom and made me a man. The mother of my kid but then the best choice I’ve taken as a grown-up. Glad Birthday to my Hajiya. I twist the knee my queen…yesterday, today and the day after for eternity!”

His birthday message was one of appreciation and love for his better half yet some proud men had an issue with it, particularly with the words, “I twist the knee my ruler.”

Some blamed him for trying too hard yet, to them, he answered: “There in no way like “over doing the thing” when it comes praising your cherished ones….especially for once in a year occasions. Over do and do! give the individuals who a chance to have an issue with it climb mount Kufena and break a neck!”

In any case, many individuals were inspired with his birthday message to his significant other and they adulated him as a remarkable Arewa man and implored that their marriage will be until the end of time.

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