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Why Atiku Did Not Act As President Under Me – Obasanjo replies [Gists]


Mr Olusegun Obasanjo

Mr Olusegun Obasanjo Ex President of Nigeria has uncovered why he never announced Ex Vp Mr Atiku Abubakar as acting President when he was in power.👐 Obasanjo said that he didn’t proclaim Abubakar acting president since he didn’t need to go out of Nigeria for 104 days like President Muhammadu Buhari did when he went to London for a medicinal get-away. Conveying a paper at the Lagos Island Club Quarterly Business Lecture, on Wednesday, the previous President said hints that he smothered Abubakar while in government was wrong.

He expressed that there was no Nigerian Chief Executive that has declined forces to his agent as much as he did to Atiku amid their residency.

As per Obasanjo👇

Atiku had events to direct on a couple of times that I was out of the nation on obligation. On those events he was responsible for the Federal Executive Council gatherings. What’s more, no Nigerian Chief Executive has lapsed to his delegate as much as I did to Atiku.

I didn’t have to assign him as acting president on the grounds that the constitution is evident that once the President isn’t accessible, the Vice President consequently has continued powers and can possibly counsel when is viewed as important.

In any case, since I was not missing from home for 104 days on end, individuals may not realize that Atiku really remained in for me at whatever point I was nowhere to be found.”

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