NNPC Warns Politicians not to drag them into policies [News]


The (NNPC) Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation said yesterday that the progressing endeavors by legislators to drag them governmental issues. The partnership, along these lines, approached legislators and those campaigning for votes in favor of the looming general decisions, to shun utilizing NNPC or its top administration as gun foods for their electioneering methodologies.

NNPC representative, Mr. Ndu Ughamadu, in an announcement in Abuja, said utilizing the company as a launchpad for political assaults against adversaries was not just an injury to the general national premium yet additionally hostile to the national economy, given NNPC’s vital job as the money bovine of the country.

The NNPC representative said the call for limitation by government officials wound up vital in the wake of the names of a portion of its top administration being hauled into factional legislative issues.

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