Man Steals His Own Car From Abuja Police Station[News]


Lol it since amusing Adamu, who lives at Utako Village, Abuja, and accountable for burglary, had confessed in the wake of confessing to submitting the offense. He asked the court for tolerance. “I beg this court to diminish my discipline for I realize I am liable of the considerable number of claims.” The Judge, Alhaji Inuwa Maiwada, in the wake of tuning in to Adamu, released him and cautioned him not to carry out the wrongdoing once more. He requested him to sign an attach to be of good conduct. Maiwada additionally requested the police to discharge the vehicle to the respondent.

The Prosecuting Counsel, Mrs Ijeoma Ukagha, had told the court that one Ugochukwu Ogbonna, a Mobile Police Officer joined Utako Police Station, revealed the issue at the station.

Ukagha said👇

“They were at a checkpoint when the officer halted the man to look through his vehicle and found that the man had no driver’s permit, and the vehicle was later taken to the police headquarters. “The respondent later went to the station and deceitfully took the vehicle without the assent of the cop that captured him”.

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