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Linda Ikeji explained How Her Family Was Insulted for N70 [News]


Linda Ikeji

Seeing the situation at 16 influenced her to choose to begin a hustle at 17 so her folks will never be offended over cash again.

Linda Ikeji said👇

‘I was 16. I was remaining there watching the affront being heaved and a little strike over N70. I saw the pity and humiliation as they saw I was seeing it. They instructed me to leave yet I cannot and remained there and viewed. After it was over I let myself know as I strolled home in tears; in this life, aside from there’s no God, no one will ever affront them again over cash. I couldn’t care less to what extent it will take, however I will battle destitution with everything in me. The next year at 17 after I completed optional school, I began my hustle. This grin is appreciation for how far I’ve come. For every one of the fantasies that came through. For every one of the things I am appreciative for and for all the stunning things that is going to occur (which will be declared soon). This grin is to urge you not to abandon yourself regardless of how hard it gets and to urge you to battle neediness with all that you are. The view from where I am standing is astounding and I’d like for you to encounter it. May your genuine hustle pay off… and soon. So be it!

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