Banky W Calls Out For Federal House Of Representatives


Banky W

Banky W Popular Singer who is right now challenging for Federal House Of Representatives in Lagos took to his page and shared some photographs and video with inscription saying: VERY URGENT!!!

Notably, logo that will appear for MDP on the Election day vote papers isn’t right. We have attempted each conceivable alternative to check whether the ticket papers can be reproduced, yet that is lamentably unrealistic. So we proceed onward. No Nosense crying over spilt milk. The uplifting news is WE ARE ON THE BALLOT. You will see “Current Democratic gathering” on the tally with this new logo… so PLEASE help us repost the logo all over the place. We are additionally republishing as much crusade material as we can. We won’t be deflected by any snag. We won’t be disheartened. We will concentrate on the end goal and move forward. No shortcoming. No second thoughts.




PS: My last name was likewise incorrectly spelled, yet that is a non issue since you won’t see hopeful names on race day… simply party names, abbreviations, and logos. It would be ideal if you recollect the Modern Democratic Party. God favor you.

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