Atiku Is Two Times Better Than Buhari” [News]


The senior statesman issued the new analysis of the president in a meeting with BBC Pidgin. Obasanjo said he trusts that Atiku Abubakar, He said anybody could take the entire nation and go without any penalty as long as he has a place with the decision All Progressives Congress (APC). presidential applicant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), will perform “multiple times better” than Buhari.

Obasanjo said👇

“Atiku isn’t a savior; he isn’t a holy person. Luckily, he has not professed to be. He has not guaranteed a phony unctuousness. He came here. He recognized his past wrongdoings and demonstrated regret,” Obasanjo said. “I am an adherent and a Christian all things considered and the educating of God in my own religion is to excuse with the goal that you can be pardoned. Truth be told, it goes further that on the off chance that you don’t excuse, you reserve no option to anticipate God’s pardoning.

“I’m a delinquent and I need God to pardon me of my transgressions. Thus, on the off chance that anyone who has irritated me comes to request pardoning, I should excuse him. That is number one. “Number two, the decision that we have for the quick in Nigerian circumstance today and the prompt is 2019 is between the applicant of gathering APC and PDP. The other minor gatherings will line behind or not adequately important.

“Along these lines, if APC puts down Buhari and PDP puts down Atiku, and from what I am aware of Buhari and what you know, what he has done and appeared articulate inadequacy, nepotism, excuses fiendishness and wrongdoing, including defilement.

“The shortcoming of the body, mind and the totality of Buhari, contrasted and Atiku, I trust Atiku will perform multiple times superior to Buhari.

“Presently, you can take the entire of Nigeria and in the event that you have a place with APC, you are sheltered. Defilement isn’t just taking cash; nepotism is a type of debasement.”

In his condition of the country address on Sunday, Obasanjo blamed the president for returning the nation to the Sani Abacha time.

On Tuesday, Buhari and Obasanjo met at the chamber of state meeting, where the previous president said the opening supplication, and the two men traded chats.

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