Pastor Tunde Bakare Names One Alternative To Buhari, Atiku [News]


minister talked yesterday in Lagos at a condition of the country address labeled: “The Prophetic Portrait of Nigeria in Her Later Days.” The pastor, who wouldn’t support any of the 73 presidential hopefuls, encouraged Nigerians to vote in favor of the competitor that accepts and pursues nationhood. Bakare, who is the convener of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, noticed that the nation required a joining power.

Bakare, who was the 2011 presidential running mate to Buhari, singled out Ezekwesili, among the presidential contenders. He said that her candidature gives him much trust sooner rather than later. He stated, “Her [Ezekwesili] brightness, experience, conciliatory support of our country, predecessors at advocating and executing genius individuals and ace great administration changes, merciful yet hounded confidence in the Nigerian potential, and her confidence in the God-appointed arrangement for Nigeria, are unmatched by any of the other new breed applicants.

“One thing is clear in my psyche: with her application, no Nigerian can sensibly say after the race that there was no trustworthy option in contrast to existing conditions in 2019.” Bakare said the nation should approach the present issue including the most astounding legal officer of the land without predisposition, in light of a legitimate concern for equity and responsibility. He included, “Note, likewise, that the investigators must themselves work as per fair treatment, with most extreme regard for the autonomy of the legal executive, and in consistence with established arrangements on both substantive and procedural issues, realizing that two wrongs, regardless of how apparently good natured, can’t make a right.”

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