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Finally Atiku Reveals Why He Didn’t Visit America for 13 Years [News]

Posted by on January 19, 2019Skip to Comment

Atiku Abubakar the challenging for presidential gathering from {PDP} Peoples Democratic Party who touched base in US daily before yesterday been January seventeenth, 2019 has uncovers why he avoided the nation for a long time.

He clarified couple of things During the meeting with VOA Hausa Service in Washington DC

Peruse the accompanying discussion between VOA x Atiku below👇

👉VOA: What has been in the news for a long time has come to past right currently I’m as one with the previous Vice President of Nigeria and the Presidential banner carrier of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after he had quite recently come back from some intuitive session with some high positioning Congress Men and Women. Your excellency, since you have visited Washington D.C, does it have to do with the individuals who said you can’t gone to the United State of America or the visit is for what reason?

👉Atiku: Aliyu I let you know before that my going to the United States is in the hands of Americans, in the event that they chose to issue a Visa to me I will come and on the off chance that they would not give me I can’t come. What’s more, presently they have issued it to me and I am here. I’m having some positive talks with a portion of the authorities. I was in the Congress and I had dialogs with some high positioning Congress people about Nigeria and how Nigeria plans to improve her association with the United States of America.

👉VOA: After visiting the Congress, do you expect to meet with some other individuals?

👉Atiku: Yes, by tomorrow [Friday] I will go to the State Department so as to have indispensable dialogs with a portion of their authorities.

👉VOA: Will you likewise meet with the individuals from the United States Chamber of Commerce?

👉Atiku: Yes, I will meet them tomorrow (Friday) by the Grace of God.

👉VOA: Who welcomed you to the United State?

👉Atiku: I was welcomed by numerous associations in the United States.

👉VOA: Before certain individuals are stating that you can’t gone to the United States of America however at this point you are here individuals will quit questioning.

👉Atiku: The entire thing is about falsehood

👉VOA: What do you mean by falsehood?

👉Atiku: Because for an extremely lengthy time-frame they have been misleading them (Nigerians) and they concurred; I attempted to disclose to them however they wouldn’t tune in. What’s more, I trust presently individuals will get it.

👉VOA: Your coming to America has demonstrated that you will have a few collaborations with some high ranking representatives of the United States would they say they are in help of your office?

👉Atiku: Yes.

👉VOA: Are you persuaded that the United States Government is in help of your bid?

👉Atiku: There is no uncertainty in light of the fact that the United States is prepared to help any nation that is rehearsing vote based system.

👉VOA: People know you as a businessperson; do you imagine that your business foundation and experience will impact the United States Government to help you?

👉Atiku: One beneficial thing is that Nigeria is a nation that is rehearsing majority rules system and everybody realizes that we have assumed a noteworthy job and have completed a great deal to continue popularity based administration in Nigeria and it is significant.

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