11 Rappers who Committed Murder, No 10 and 11 Will Shock You


Celebrated individuals of all stripes have purposely or unwittingly slaughtered others sooner or later in their life. Wear King stepped another man to death. Ted Kennedy drove his vehicle off an extension, leaving his traveler dead. J.R. Smith, Laura Bush, and Brandy have all been associated with deadly fender benders.

A bunch of rappers have additionally taken others’ lives, either through wanton homicide or different methods. A couple have been charged and sentenced, while others keep up their guiltlessness. Some have taken care of their wrongdoings. Others would do well to legal counselors.


Ra Diggs

onald Herron, a supposed Bloods posse pioneer, additionally rapped under the assumed name Ra Diggs. Diggs’ music recordings have included any semblance of Waka Flocka Flame and Uncle Murda, who affirmed in his preliminary. He was indicted for three killings, racketeering, and medication dealing.

Investigators utilized his melodies and recordings as proof. Diggs had been cleared in state court on one of the homicides. In any case, he gave investigators a definitive weapon when he rapped “beat a body,” an assumed confirmation of blame.

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C-Murder was an individual from the No Limit bunch TRU, close by siblings Master P and Silkk the Shocker. The unavoidable outcome of C-Murder’s name has been criticized to…*ahem*… passing. The story goes that C-Murder was at Platinum Club in Louisiana when a quarrel emitted. A 16-year-old fan, Steve Thomas, was pounded the life out of and shot accordingly.

C-Murder was fingered as the executioner. He was sentenced for second-degree murder in 2003. The decision was toppled by the Lousiana Supreme Court in 2006. He was retried in 2009 and again saw as liable of second-degree murder. C-Murder was condemned to life in jail. He has since changed his name to C-Miller.​

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Dresta (Andre DeSean Wicker otherwise known as Gangsta Dresta) is best associated with collaborating with Eazy-E on “Genuine Muthaphu- – n Gs,” close by more seasoned sibling B.G. Knocc Out.

In 1992, Dresta was engaged with a group related shootout in Watts, Los Angeles. The practical objective, Tyrone Thomas, kicked the bucket in the shootout. Dresta was seriously injured yet endure. He was later accused of Thomas’ homicide. Dresta argue no challenge to one tally of willful murder. He was condemned to one year of probation.

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Lench Mob Mafia

J-Dee (not to be mistaken for Jay Dee) was an individual from Ice Cube’s force, Da Lench Mob. Different individuals were Shorty, Maulkie, and T-Bone. All things considered, the gathering made its presentation on Ice Cube’s pivotal independent collection, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.

The gathering discharged a gold-ensured LP, Guerillas in tha Mist, in 1992. While preparing for their second go-round, Planet of Da Apes, J-Dee got a homicide rap. T-Bone was additionally accused of a different homicide case. T-Bone was absolved, yet Dee wasn’t as fortunate. He was condemned to life in jail, yet he keeps up his guiltlessness.

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Macintosh Minister

In 2005, veteran San Francisco rapper/advertiser Mac Minister was arraigned on murder allegations in what police accepted to have been counter for the homicide of Mac Dre. Specialists asserted that Minister and a companion retaliated for the demise of Mac Dre by slaughtering a Kansas City rapper named Fat Tone, whom they accepted had taken out Dre.

The casualty’s body was found outside a building site in Las Vegas. Surveillance cameras caught Minister leaving the MGM Hotel hours before the killing.

In 2008, Mac Minister was seen as liable on two tallies of first-degree murder and two checks of trick to submit murder. He was condemned to existence without the chance of parole.


Max B

In 2006, Max B (Charly Wingate) purportedly sent ex/artist Gina Conway and stepbrother Kelvin Leerdam to ransack two men at a Fort Lee, NJ Holiday Inn. The theft went amiss. Specialists state that Conway and Leerdam shot and slaughtered one of the men, David Taylor, at point-clear range. The team fled the wrongdoing scene, yet police got Plowden amidst moving $30,000 out of the lodging. The three co-plotters were totally secured by specialists and accused of violations identified with murder, burglary, and hijacking.

Max B was gotten for homicide, connivance to submit murder, burglary, abducting and disturbed attack. Following a long preliminary, Max B was seen as blameworthy on 9 out of 11 tallies. On June 9, 2009, Max B was condemned to 75 years in a correctional facility for his job in the activity that left Taylor dead. Max B claims blamelessness and advanced the decision in 2012. His allure was denied. He keeps on discharging music from jail, and his accomplice in-rhyme French Montana is as yet one of his devoted supporters. In the event that he serves out the remainder of his term, his soonest discharge date would be November 9, 2042.

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Chi-Ali, an individual from the 90s hip-jump aggregate Native Tongues, was accused of the shooting passing of his then-sweetheart’s sibling on January 14, 2000. He evaded experts for a year before being caught, in any event, showing up on America’s Most Wanted twice. He served a 12-year term for second-degree murder.

Ali’s just collection was 1992’s The Fabulous Chi-Ali. He additionally showed up on Black Sheep’s “Pass the 40,” from 1990’s A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing when he was only 14.



G-Dep is the main rapper on this rundown who really pulled off homicide. Dep executed a man in 1993, however the case was rarely fathomed. Quick forward to 2010, G-Dep, maybe spooky by blame, strolled into a Harlem region and told cops that he shot and murdered a man in 1993. As per G-Dep, he had attempted to mug an outsider at gunpoint when they began battling for his weapon. He discharged three shots and fled. Specialists connected the 1993 unsolved homicide of John Henkel, 32, with Dep’s story.

He told the New York Post that he believed he acted capably. “Perhaps toward the finish of spending time in jail or in the wake of thinking back, somebody may feel in an unexpected way,” G. Dep told the paper. “Yet, presently I feel what I did was correct.” He got the base sentence, 15 to life.

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In 2005, Cassidy and two other men took shots at three unarmed men during a fight in Philadelphia. A man named Desmond Hawkins passed on accordingly, in the wake of being shot in the back. Cassidy was accused of third-degree murder, endeavored murder, crazy danger and disturbed ambush and weapons wrongdoings. His charges were decreased after one of the observers pulled back his record.

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In 2006, Cassidy was seen as liable of automatic murder, irritated ambush, and ownership of a wrongdoing instrument. He got 11 to 23 months in jail, in addition to credit for 7 months recently served. He was discharged following 8 months. We’d prefer to meet his legal advisor.


Large Lurch

In 2002, Big Lurch was sentenced for homicide in a peculiar case that looked like something out of a Ted Bundy film. Sway was a PCP someone who is addicted and was as far as anyone knows high insane when he perpetrated the monstrosities. He essentially gutted his female flat mate, Tynisha Ysais, tore out her lungs and bailed.

Police discovered Lurch bare in the road, dribbling blood and crying at the sky. They likewise discovered bits of the casualty’s substance in his stomach. Sway guaranteed he was unable to remember the occurrence and argued not blameworthy by reason of madness. He was condemned to life in jail without the chance for further appeal.

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Gucci Mane

In 2005, Gucci Mane was assaulted by a gathering of men in Decatur, Georgia. Mane and his comrades took shots at the gathering, executing one man. Police later discovered that the casualty was Pookie Loc. Gucci was captured and accused of homicide. He asserted self-protection. The charge was dropped in 2006 because of deficient proof.

Snoop Dogg

In 1993, Snoop Dogg was accused of homicide, following the passing of a pack part who was purportedly shot and executed by Snoop’s then-protector McKinley Lee. Both Snoop and his trigger man were captured. Following two years of house capture, Snoop was seen not as liable on the grounds of self-protection. The case enlivened one of Snoop’s most mainstream tunes, “Murder was the Case.”

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